We Make Your Ideas
Become True

Spatika has been founded by the best academicians who aren’t just passionate about the education but passionate about making futures of others. In Spatika, we believe that education is not just an education, it is much more than teaching. We provide the best teaching and education to improve the quality of education to those students.

Students can achieve their dreams easily with the right support of the right person, which is done by the best tutors in Spatika. We are also connecting students who can’t travel long distances with our home tutors in Bangalore. We at Spatika also help students looking for home tuitions near them. Students should not treat studies as a burden, they should enjoy what they study.

Many parents/students face the problem of travelling to far of distances for best quality education, now this will become an old talk because Spatika is here with the solution for this problem. We at Spatika help you by connect with the best home tutors in Bangalore. Nowadays education plays an important role in each and every child’s life and no parent is ready to compromise on their child’s future.



Advantages of home tuition

  • Individual attention.
  • Discovering the student’s strengths and developing it.
  • Making best use of time.
  • Try to figure out the issue facing by the student and solve it.
  • Get the best quality education at your convenient place.

Our Vision

Children learn best by doing, as it requires them to think and explore. Putting this belief into practice, we provide children with practical learning experiences that instill a lasting love for learning.

Our Values

Providing a platform for global learning through our pedagogy balanced with rich traditional values and enabling children to explore the world outside their homes in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impart quality education to all our students through vatiety of courses.Our experiential teaching methodology aims to create realistic, interactive & sensory stimulating learning experiences that build curiosity and expands learning.