Spatika Tutors

Why Home Tuition?

Spatika Education is found by the greatest academicians who are just not passionate about education but also dedicated in making future of others. At Spatika, we consistently make effort to improve the quality of education. Spatika Education aims at providing a supportive atmosphere where we adopt unique teaching methodology for better learning. We believe every student is talented and hence every student can achieve their dream provided you have the right support.

We have come across several parents who are unable to provide their kids with the best education due to commuting issues. Well, not anymore. No more compromise on education.


Advantages of home tuition

  • You are comfortable at your own place.
  • Who wouldn’t prefer individual attention from their beloved teachers?
  • Time is precious, so let’s not waste it traveling long hours.
  • You choose the tutor of your choice.
  • Homework guidance from tutors.
  • Test practice which will help you to prepare better for school exams.
  • Soft skill training which will build confidence among students.
  • An open environment to clear your doubts.

Our Vision

Children learn best when they do it themselves. Putting this belief into practice, we at Spatika Education provide children with practical learning experiences that instill a lasting love for learning.

Our Values

Providing a platform for global learning and allowing children to explore the world outside their homes in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Mission

To impart quality education to all our students through variety of courses. Our teaching methodology aims to create realistic, interactive sessions that build curiosity and expand the scope of learning.